About Us

Cakes and Snakes is a 6 Piece Psychedelic Space Funk Exotic Band

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Vocals - Cakes the Maniac

Drums and Screams - Josh

Electric Guitar and Effects - Nicki

Percussion - Rene

Space Synth and Keys - Shannon

Bass - A Ghost

The exotic sound of Cakes and Snakes combines the soul of the planet into a message for the mind. Must hear and see to see.

Cakes and Snakes is based in the mystical desert community of Coachella Valley - home to the magical Coachella Valley Music Scene and massive Coachella Music Festival.

Come join us for a musical journey.

Cakes and the Assholes Lucky Strike Live Hollywood - 2019
Cakes-and the Assholes-TheHood-Lucky-Strike-Live-Hollywood-Photo-2019-Stage-View
Cakes and the Assholes-The Hood-Lucky-Strike-Live-Hollywood-Photo-2019
Cakes & Snakes Hollywood Lucky Strike Music Venue -Live Rock
Cakes and Snak Live Hollywood